Oct 18, 2010

Dreamforce 2010 - Top Five Things To Be Excited About

Like most Salesforce.com users, I am pumped for Dreamforce.  Dreamforce is the annual Salesforce.com user and developer conference, and it's being held Dec 6-9 in San Francisco this year.  Why is it in the deadzone between Thanksgiving and Christmas?  Good question...my guess is that with 20,000 expected attendees this was only time that Salesforce.com could reserve the entire Moscone center to host it.

Regardless, of the less than optimal timing, there's plenty to be psyched about at Dreamforce 2010.  After the jump, the top five things I am looking forward to.

5) AppQuest 2010 Winner Announcement
AppQuest is an app contest that Salesforce.com is running for developers on the Force.com platform. Top prize is $100,000, marketing exposure during Dreamforce, and a Dreamforce pass.  The competitors will be judged by an impressive panel of VCs, including Mayfield, Bessemer and Sequoia.   Given the awesome potential of the Force.com platform for making really cool applications, not to mention the Salesforce AppExchange for distribution to Salesforce customers, I'm excited to see what innovative stuff emerges (assuming the devs can get their apps through the security review)
4)  Drinking some of the Salesforce kool-aid
For all of Salesforce's cool technology products, their real skill is in marketing.  I think it's fair to say that their founder and CEO, Marc Benioff, is a marketing genius.  And nowhere is that genius more on display than during Dreamforce.  Imagine getting your customers to pay hundreds of dollars to attend a rally to tell them how awesome your product is...Salesforce does it every year and attendees are PSYCHED about it.  This sort of energy is infectious.
3) President Bill Clinton keynote
Yep, that's the sort of power and money that Salesforce throws around...President Bill Clinton will be giving one of the keynote addresses.  If nothing else, this should be interesting.

2) Surprise Product Announcements
As a Salesforce geek, I am always excited to see what new and cool stuff gets unveiled at Dreamforce.  Last year, it was all about Chatter, Salesforce's social enterprise collaboration product.  This year, I expect advancements in Chatter, mobile, and hopefully some awesome surprises!
And the #1 reason to be psyched about Dreamforce this year.....

See you there!